Jerjan Hammock.jpg

Aerial Hammock

The Aerial Hammock/Sling is a soft fabric looped from the ceiling to support you in the air as you master aerial techniques and beautiful poses. Hammock uses the same fabric suspended from the ceiling as Silks but the bottom of the fabric is looped like a "hammock" and is used create a beautiful, spinning and flowing aerial art-form.


This BEGINNER/ INTERMEDIATE level class is perfect for students who are working on perfecting their fundamental and base skills. This class focuses on conditioning and strength training, learning various poses, inversions, combinations and smooth transitions.


This BEGINNER- ADVANCED level class will work for any skill level. The curriculum will be taught in multiple levels with modifications provided, as needed. Students will be grouped by experience and skill level. All levels of experience are welcome in this class – from those who are just starting out to those who want to reinforce and perfect their technique.