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Pole Dance Fitness

Pole Dance Fitness classes use a vertical steel apparatus also known as a pole to build strength, enhance grace, and to encourage sensual movement. Pole classes teach various spins, dance movement, floorwork and conditioning exercises to strengthen and tone. In the process, you will improve body awareness and coordination. You will also increase upper body strength and flexibility. Please don't worry if you feel you have none of these skills (everyone starts out this way). We will teach you all the basics needed to progress. This is where empowerment is achieved. Students learn and train to do things they never thought they could. We are here to show you that you can and you will!


If you have never taken a pole dance class, this is where your journey begins. In this class you will experience our signature sensual movement mat warm-up and will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique and strength training that will prepare you to join our beginner level classes. Taking your first Intro class can feel intimidating at first but at Embody we pride ourselves on a welcoming and non-intimidating environment. We always remember that every accomplished dancer was once a beginner. So join us in our Intro to Pole class where you will feel empowered and at ease as you learn to navigate around the pole.


The beginner level pole dance class is designed to build upon the basics you’ve learned in Intro to Pole. You will learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up, down, and around the pole. In essence, this is the level where pole students begin to dance in the air for the first time while building the strength they will need to prepare for inverted techniques. This class will take you through our signature sensual mat warm up, provide detailed pole technique and conditioning and also provide curriculum to build a beautiful pole dance sequence. This class is perfect for those who have recently completed our Intro level beginner class and for those who have been pole dancing less than 6 months.


This class is perfect for students who are ready to invert and for those who are inverting but want to clean and perfect their inversion variations. This intermediate level class will focus on perfecting inversion techniques to build a strong foundation for the world of going upside down on the pole. Inversions will include basic inversion, inverted V, and shoulder mounts from the floor as well as up on the pole. We will also focus on attaining strong and secure inside and outside leg hooks as well as brass monkey variations as these are the starting points and transitions of most advanced tricks and shapes. This class is open to students who have been attending class for at least 3-6 months and are ready to delve into the world of inversions. Advanced students may also attend this class to clean up their inversions and build a stronger foundation for their advanced practice.


This class is designed for students who would llke to be challenged with advanced inverted aerial tricks, multiple combination spins, transitions and flips. The warm up is more challenging with additional strength and core conditioning added to build strength and grace. There will be an emphasis on proper form and controlled technique.

Prerequisites for this class include: aerial inversions, shoulder mounts and proficient climbing technique.


In addition to our regular pole classes, Embody offers pole classes that are specialized to focus on a certain style of pole dance. This includes exotic which is a style of pole dance where sensuality and sexuality are the focus. Low Flow will focus on the fundamentals of low flow (using the bottom half of the pole only), sensual floorwork, heel work, and sexy exotic movement and choreography! We will be exploring our sensual sides while also prepping and conditioning for more advanced moves and tricks. Learn floor to pole and pole to floor transitions, spins, and fluid grounded movements in addition to some sexy “stripper style” exotic movement. Choreo flow is another style of low flow with a more choreographed dance based sequence. Knee pads and/or leg warmers are highly recommended! Also exotic dance heels (for example: Pleasers brand) are highly recommended.  No regular heels/pumps, please. These classes are NOTrecommended for Intro level students.

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