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Burlesque is a style of dance that incorporate sexy cabaret dance and mixes it with modern movement and sassy sensuality. The great thing about Burlesque at Embody is that our classes are taught by the choreographer and lead dancer of The Black Veils which is a professional burlesque performance group! These classes are for all levels of experience. So don't be shy...get your cardio in by learning a fun and sassy dance routine!


Fembody Burlesque is a 60 minute class of the sexy, classic and modern burlesque style of dance. Indulge in your sassy side with this fun, new, and pin-up style sexy dance class that will get your body moving! So whether you're looking for more excitement for your femme fatale or just a stimulating new workout experience, Embody Burlesque offers the perfect alternative to any cardio class! 


This class is adds a new twist to burlesque by incorporating the chair. Learn a sexy dance sequence on and around the chair in this sexy and sassy class! All levels are welcomed.

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