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Our Space is Your Space

Both locations available during regular class times for Open Pole! 


Open Pole

  • Our Fitness/Dance Rooms are available by the hour during regular class times.

  • There are now 3 poles available in the Huntington Beach fitness room and 2 poles available in the Signal Hill fitness room.

    (We need to get some new photos up!)

Important Notes


  • The space may be shared with others during your rental time but everyone will get their own pole. There is a maximum of 3 people at Huntington Beach and 2 people at Signal Hill. ​

  • You can use your membership, a class package, or a single class to book Open Pole.

  • Just like regular classes, we have a 12-hour cancelation policy. You will not lose your class credit if you cancel before 12 hours. You will be deducted a class credit if you cancel after 12 hours.

  • Your reservation holds your spot only. If you want to bring a friend, they also need to sign up for Open Pole.​​

  • There is 24 hour interior camera surveillance.

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