Our Space is Your Space

Our Westminster/"HB" location is available for Private Room Rental! 


Aerial Room

  • Our Aerial Room is available for private rental by the hour


  • Aerial Silks, Hoop, or Hammock are available. 

  • Pricing: $35/per hour (Additional fee for photo/videography)

Please note: Use of Fabric apparatus (Silks or Hammock) will require an apparatus rental fee of $10 per person/per visit.

  • Please see important notes at bottom of page

pole pano 7.jpg

Pole Room

  • Our Pole Room is available for private rental by the hour

  • Pricing: $35/per hour (Additional fee for photo/videography)

  • Please see important notes at bottom of page


Fitness Room

  • Our Fitness/Dance Room is available for private rental by the hour

  • Pricing: $25/per hour (Additional fee for photo/videography)

  • Please see important notes at bottom of page

Important Notes


  • Only the Westminster/"HB" location is available for room rentals.

  • This is a private room rental - the space you rent will not be shared with others during your rental time.

  • Rentals are self-service. Staff may not be present.

  • Reservations for the AERIAL ROOM must be made one day prior to the reservation date (no same day reservations).​

  • The POLE ROOM and FITNESS ROOM may be reserved same day.

  • There is a 24 hour cancellation period for AERIAL and 8 hours for POLE or FITNESS.

  • Rental times will be in 1 hour increments and may be booked for multiple hours.


  • Please do not book your reservation back to back with any existing reservation. A 30 minute gap between each person's room reservation will be required when making your reservation.

  • When making your AERIAL ROOM reservation, please enter which apparatus (Silks, Hammock or Hoop) you will need in the NOTES SECTION of your purchase/booking when making your reservation.

  • Fabric apparatus rental fee will not be required if the rental is using aerial hoop or if bringing your own apparatus (those bringing their own apparatus will require a pulley system orientation prior to use). Please note, for hoop/lyra guests must use the studio provided hoop apparatus.

  • Rental price is for up to 2 guests (person making the reservation plus one guest per reservation payment). Inquire by email if you would like to have more than 2 people in your reservation at info@embodyaf.com

  • For aerial room rentals, if a fabric apparatus is being used, there will be a $10 fabric apparatus rental fee (per guest/per reservation) added since fabric can only be used once then must be sanitized/washed.

  • Photo shoots and videography rentals will have a professional use rental rate ($50/hr + fabric apparatus rental if needed for the aerial room, $50 for the pole room, and $40 for the fitness room).


  • Please enter the studio no more than 5 minutes early for your reservation start time.

  • Please wear a mask as you enter the studio. Masks may be removed once in your private rental space/room.

  • The rental period starts once guest(s) enters the building and ends once the guest(s) leaves the building. If a reservation goes longer than 10 minutes beyond the rental reservation end time, an additional rental hour will be charged.



  • ​The use of a crash mat is required during aerial rentals. For pole rentals, a crash mat is required for inverted aerial moves.

  • Please only enter and use the room you have rented.

  • 24 hour interior camera surveillance


  • Please leave on time. There is a 10 minute grace period. Any departures later than 10 minutes past reservation end time will be charged an additional hourly rental fee.

  • Please be sure to lock the front door when you leave. There will be a $20 fee for leaving the door unlocked due to the risk incurred.

Have questions? Email us at info@embodyaf.com